Private Coaching

San Francisco

In today’s fast-paced and time-pressured world of auditioning, actors need to know that they have the resources and support from which they can generate their best work. Seydways Acting Studios offers extensive and reliable private coaching. Our coaches have proven practices and techniques designed to hone you in on your best, authentic work in any given circumstance. We can meet with you one-on-one in studio, remotely through Skype or on-set (if necessary).

One-on-One Audition Coaching

In working with our studio for one-to-one coaching, we can help with auditions, self-taping, shooting preparation, script analysis, and character choices. Most importantly, though, we strive to have your work speak for itself. We encourage you to challenge yourself with every opportunity. We help you recognize the full potential of any role. With our coaching, you feel prepared, engaged and present. Simply stated, our actors work.

Instructor Day/Time Standard Rate SAS Rate
Maura Vincent Monday-Sunday $100 per hour $60 per hour


Skype Coaching

Many times, it is just possible to find the time to meet in person for coaching. Often an actor receives the audition material late into the evening before the audition deadline the NEXT day. Don’t panic! We can SKYPE!! By its very nature, the Skype session is a bit different in that we will spend more time breaking down the script and generating a “map” for your choices in that character. This work is detailed and personalized but very effective and fast. It has been our experience that these sessions prove very successful with the self-taping demands of today’s acting business.

Instructor Day/Time Standard Rate SAS Rate
Maura Vincent Monday-Friday $75 per hour $60 per hour


On-Set Coaching

It would be so wonderful if each actor felt that they could generate the depth of work they have designed for any given role, on any given day, in any given circumstance. Unless you have been working on production sets your whole life, that amazing world can be very overwhelming. It just takes time to learn how to pace oneself on those long days of shooting. It just takes practice to know how to effectively execute your choices with confidence. It takes experience to know how to remain consistent with those choices while still remaining open to “in the moment” exploration.

Our On-Set Coaching provides you with a private and personal perspective. We are discrete and professional. Most likely, we will be with you in your trailer, away from the shooting set (unless you feel that you need that support). We have years of experience and tools to help keep you relaxed, focused and present while working on set. This coaching level is mandated by the individual needs of the actor.

Instructor Day/Time Standard Rate SAS Rate
Maura Vincent Monday-Friday $150 per hour
$500 per day
$100 per hour


Student Testimonials:

  • I came to Maura completely intimidated by Shakespeare. After one hour, I completely understood the language and had a mastery of the monologue I never thought possible. I came to Maura to work on graduate school audition pieces. She was supportive and nurturing, yet challenging and thought-provoking. She managed a fine line of making me feel comfortable, yet pushing me out of my comfort zone unlike anyone I have ever worked with. She was so incredibly present with me every step of the way, no matter what turn the process took. Maura's knowledge of theater, acting, the body, and the voice is unparalleled. MAURA IS AMAZING. THE END.
    Bridget Hearst, Actress
  • Maura is simply amazing, both as a private coach and as a career mentor. She's always there for me when I need it, even at the most inconvenient times and the last minute "I have an audition in 1 hour!" situations. In her coaching, she provides insightful character and script analysis, allowing you to make the most grounded yet dynamic choices for any piece of material. She is also there as a resource to help me through the ups and downs of the auditioning process and approach the professional workplace when I do book a job. With her help thus far, I've begun to receive glowing feedback on my auditions, leading to booking a guest star on NCIS LA and a large recurring guest role on the upcoming HBO comedy, The Brink. Maura is my go-to, and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone in need of a coach.
    Melanie Kannokada, The Brink, NCIS
  • I have worked with Maura on both auditions and on jobs and she is terrific! She is so smart and clear and has a great way of helping you hone in on the missing pieces; the questions you haven’t answered yet, the pieces that don’t quite work... She really understands what good work is and helps set you up to let loose and fly.
    Rya Kihlstedt, Nashville, Maters of Sex, Dexter, Criminal Minds, NCIS
  • Maura's ability to distill a scene to its essence, guide actors to an emotionally true state, and the effortlessness with which she does this has made every time I've worked with her surprising, illuminating, and simply a whole lot of fun. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone without hesitation.
    Lorenzo Pisoni, The Mysteries of Laura, Humor Abuse