Being “In The Moment”

Have you ever wondered why is it so difficult to be in the moment? Have you ever wondered why no one has ever been able to tell you how to be in the moment more consistently? Have you wondered why having an objective or always playing an action makes it feel like you are putting your
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Seydways Acting Studio: Tips for Actors

How To Be “In The Moment” Without Really Trying

The experience of being in the moment is real. Many times it’s what provides the true joy in acting. Every actor who has been in the moment while performing knows this, as only then does the work become effortless, spontaneous, and utterly creative. Unfortunately, this experienc
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Seydways Acting Studio: Tips for Actors

Be Here Now: An Interview with Richard Seyd

In this interview, Richard Seyd explains how being in the moment must be built into the rehearsal process. “One of the best-kept secrets of acting is … all actors lie to themselves and to others about how little they are truly in the moment.” So says Los Angeles-based, longtime direct
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