A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

Written By: Tennessee Williams
Company: American Conservatory Theater (ACT)
Cast in Photos: Michelle Elise Duffy, Marco Barricelli, Matt DeCaro and Sheila Kelley

“Seyd, Kelley and company have returned, gloriously, to the drama’s deeply humane and radiantly theatrical roots. I’ve never seen an interpretation of the play that is its equal, and doubt I ever will.”

Leo Stutzin
The Sacramento Bee

“Seyd successfully creates a sense of caged passions under pressure and elicits remarkable performances from his actors.”

Carol Lloyd
SF Weekly

“In its rising momentum and peak moments – and many of the keenly rendered smaller ones in Richard Seyd’s staging – this “Streetcar” finds the play’s throbbing pulse.”

Steven Winn
San Francisco Chronicle

“As usual, Seyd’s gifts lie in the focused character work that takes place in more intimate moments, and in these, he delivers brilliantly.”

Brad Rosenstein
The Bay Guardian