Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Written By: Caryl Churchill
Company: Eureka Theater (San Francisco), transferred to Marines Memorial Theatre (San Francisco)
Cast in Photo: Sigrid Wurshmidt and Chuck Lafont

“If there is any other cast or any director any place else is any better, I will eat a copy of the script with marmalade.”

Nancy Scott
San Francisco Examiner

“Private battles and public wars have not vanished in Act 2, only changed their names. Seyd keeps this in view, with the elegant slow-motion dance of his blocking.”

Scott Winn
San Francisco Chronicle

“I saw the original production of Churchill’s play at London’s Royal Court Theatre, and the San Francisco version, directed by Richard Seyd, is at least as good, and in some ways, far better.”

Bernie Weiner
San Francisco Chronicle

“I was lucky enough to catch Richard Seyd as the understudy – his instincts as an actor are as inspired as his direction.”

Sarah Green Durkin
The Daily Californian