The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker

Written By: Thorton Wilder
Company: American Conservatory Theater (ACT)
Cast in Photo: Ken Ruta and Jean Stapleton

“Seyd, who demonstrated his mastery of farce with a memorably hilarious Noises Off some time back, builds the comedy of this Matchmaker with similar care. He lays off the sight gags in the early going, letting the humor emerge from the lines themselves. Then he pulls out the stops and the cream pies for a madcap climax and applies a bohemian twist that heightens the humor of the last scene.”

Robert Hurwitt
San Francisco Examiner

“Richard Seyd has applied more spit and polish than might have been thought possible to this semi-creaky farcical jalopy, which emerges here less the expected star vehicle than a superb ensemble showcase. Former associate director Seyd, now based largely in LA, remains among the finest stage helmers in the area. He hasn’t taken on material this frivolous in some time. Judging from the results, a very good time was had by all during rehearsal – and their pleasure is a pure delight to watch.”

Dennis Harvey