Beginning & Intermediate Ongoing Class

Beginning & Intermediate Ongoing Class

Each class is limited to twelve students and each student works every week. There are generally three main areas of study: Scene Study (incorporating the trigger approach), stretch work, and audition skills. The classes also engage the student in every area of the life and career of the actor.

Scene Study - "The Trigger Approach"

The trigger approach is a technique originally developed by Richard Seyd as a way of breaking down text, thought by thought, to enable the actor to live more authentically and spontaneously in the moment during performance. All actors are told that “being in the moment” is important, but rarely is the actor taught how to be in the moment effortlessly. The trigger approach is designed to give the actor a working methodology for achieving that performance state.

Stretch Work

Stretch work focuses on expanding your range as an actor. The actor and the teacher first agree on what areas of their work the student is weak. All actors have natural strengths and weaknesses. Through very highly structured improvisational work the teacher focuses the actor on his or her own problem areas. Through this work, over time, the weaknesses themselves become strengths, enabling the actor to approach their work with more confidence and to become more fully rounded as performers. It is a profoundly effective way to continue growing as an actor.

Audition Skills

Actors need a specific and repeatable technique for reading from scripts in high pressure audition situations. We also work in class on finding appropriate monlogue material, as well as help with editing and getting pieces up on their feet. Underlying all this is helping actors learn to get themselves in to a peak state so they can consistently show up with their best work. As all athletes, dancers, tightrope walkers and high level performers know, the key is to learn to manage nerves rather than fight them.

When working on audition skills, the classes focus on cold readings, finding and preparing monologues that show your full range, and developing a marketing strategy for yourself as an actor, including dealing with casting directors, agents, photos, resumes, etc.

Student Testimonials

“Over the past twenty years, I studied with arguably the top acting teachers in Los Angeles; I thought I had all the skills needed and was confident in how I approached and absorbed new material. Recently, I had the pleasure to work with Ted to understand and apply using “triggers” to my auditions and jobs. I’m now working at another level in my freedom, confidence, and creativity as an actor.”

David Lowe
The Old Man, Criminal Minds, The Ugly Truth

“Seydways Acting Studios takes the mystery out of acting. Ted embodies Richard’s technique, but what impressed me the most was that he is making a very good living as an actor and he has shared that with me. Every live event Ted has directed has lead me to work. Whether it was signing with a manager, a costar on 90210, or a pilot produced by the the producers of the Golden Globes, the net result was – his enthusiasm, care and perspective got me working! His main drive is to make well rounded professional actors that authentically express themselves as well as any material they are given, from a single line on a commercial or seven pages of Sorkin.”

Chris Meehan
90210, Black Box, Resonance of Love, Ted’s Theatre Kitchen

Class Details
Ted Mattison

Mon. 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Cost: $70 per class