Casting Director Workshops

Published by Drew on

This seems to be a touchy and controversial subject. For some people in the industry, casting director workshops are seen as a “pay-to-play” experience that yields no results. For others, they are a legitimate way to get seen and score auditions.

Here’s our take: they work. Many of our students have received auditions and bookings from taking casting director workshops. Yes, you are in essence paying to be seen by a casting director, but we think it’s become the way of the future.

In the past, CDs would attend workshops, plays, etc., and actors would attend “generals” all with the hope of connecting with one another to find new talent and fill up those co-star spots. But those days seem to be on the decline. Nowadays, the most effective way to get seen quickly by a CD is at a workshop.

There are a bunch of options to choose from, and one of our favorites is The Actor’s Key, which is a well-run, smartly organized business and we’ve seen a lot of our students have successful experiences from taking their workshops.

On television shows where there are a lot of co-stars (hence frequent new faces needed) every week, CDs often look to actors they’ve met at these workshops.

For a reasonable rate and a minimal time commitment you can be seen by numerous CDs in one weekend. And you never know where it can lead you.

Tips: Be well prepared. Bring in a scene that’s absolutely in your wheelhouse. Don’t shake hands with the CD. Be kind and present. Let your personality and your talent shine. Be authentic. Don’t “try” to make an impression. Let your work and who you are do that for you.