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 7:00 PM
Seydways Master Class 
 10:00 AM
Seydways Master Class 

Seydways Master Class

Seydways Master Classes are exclusively for professional actors. They are designed to be on-going professional acting studios. Class size is limited to 12 students to maintain the intimacy and flexibility of in-depth acting exploration. These classes are designed to equip the actor with the tools, technique and training required to be successful in today’s acting profession. Based on his professional experience as a director and a teacher working with thousands of actors over the last 35 years, Richard Seyd has created specific techniques to help actors overcome the most common obstacles associated with the profession of acting. Read more…

On-Going Professional Acting Lab

Study with Ted Mattison in our On-Going Professional Acting Lab. This class is designed to explore the principles taught at Seydways Acting Studios. Enrollment is limited to ten (10) students as we strive to guarantee individual attention on a weekly basis. One of the key benefits in studying with us is the cumulative effect of genuine individual attention throughout our approach and process. Learn “The Trigger Approach” and other approaches to auditioning. Explore the “Stretch Work”. Class taught by Richard Seyd’s colleague, Ted Mattison. Class cost is $60 per night for each four-hour class. Read more…

Private Coaching

In today’s fast-paced and time-pressured world of auditioning, actors need to know that they have the resources and support from which they can generate their best work. Seydways Acting Studios offers extensive and reliable private coaching. Our coaches have proven practices and techniques designed to hone you in on your best, authentic work in any given circumstance. We can meet with you one-on-one in studio, remotely through Skype or on-set. Read more…